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Is there a way to retrieve a company based on its ID such as with contacts: /contacts/{id}

I only see /companies which returns multiple records if several companies have the same name.

Hi @RalphMRivera, there currently isn’t a way in REST to retrieve an individual company from its ID. I will pass your request on to our product manager so we can prioritize building out the remaining company REST endpoints.

Alternatively you could use the XML-RPC API DataService.load method with Company as the table name to retrieve a single company record.

I want to retrieve a company by Id number, using the REST API

Have the same requirement. Is the API ready yet?

@Nicholas_Trecina what’s the way to use XMLRPC to get CustomFields?
I have used this Javascript API to try and bring the endpoint into this century but even when I include all the fields that I know exist ['AccountId', 'Address1Type', 'Address2Street1', 'Address2Street2', 'Address2Type', 'Address3Street1', 'Address3Street2', 'Address3Type', 'Anniversary', 'AssistantName', 'AssistantPhone', 'BillingInformation', 'Birthday', 'City', 'City2', 'City3', 'Company', 'CompanyID', 'ContactNotes', 'ContactType', 'Country', 'Country2', 'Country3', 'CreatedBy', 'DateCreated', 'Email', 'EmailAddress2', 'EmailAddress3', 'Fax1', 'Fax1Type', 'Fax2', 'Fax2Type', 'FirstName', 'Groups', 'Id', 'JobTitle', 'LastName', 'LastUpdated', 'LastUpdatedBy', 'MiddleName', 'Nickname', 'OwnerID', 'Password', 'Phone1', 'Phone1Ext', 'Phone1Type', 'Phone2', 'Phone2Ext', 'Phone2Type', 'Phone3', 'Phone3Ext', 'Phone3Type', 'Phone4', 'Phone4Ext', 'Phone4Type', 'Phone5', 'Phone5Ext', 'Phone5Type', 'PostalCode', 'PostalCode2', 'PostalCode3', 'ReferralCode', 'SpouseName', 'State', 'State2', 'State3', 'StreetAddress1', 'StreetAddress2', 'Suffix', 'Title', 'Username', 'Validated', 'Website', 'ZipFour1', 'ZipFour2', 'ZipFour3'] I still don’t get back everything

CustomFields are mission critical and I would really appreciate any input, or it would be even better if there were a way to get them back as a response from POST or PATCHing at a the company’s endpoint so we don’t have to needlessly waste and API transaction.


(and happy anniversary to my previous post here)

This is a serious weakness in the API - has there been any move to address this?

There are a couple different things going on in the thread but if you are referring to fetching company by id via REST it is being worked on now. It will be released in the next few weeks.

Hey @bradb - that is fantastic news. How do I make sure I get notified when that is released?