Sandbox account emails me nightly

I have an Infusionsoft sandbox account, which I no longer use. (I still occasionally access another account, owned by someone else.)

Back in May, this sandbox account, unprompted as far as I can tell, started sending me an email every night with the results of a query about contacts. I can’t figure out where in the sandbox account this is coming from. I tried deleting all the contacts, but it still sends the email.

An ideas on how I can stop this email? (If not, it’s probably time to cancel my unused sandbox account.)

@Marvin_Humphrey you probably have a contact saved search that is setup to email you. I would delete any saved searches you have setup and see if it fixes the issue.


That indeed has solved the problem. Thank you!

I speculate that I had set up a saved search to email me, but because of how strictly Infusionsoft limits emailing from sandbox accounts, the email did not actually fire at first; then later, there was an update where they slighly liberalized the emailing constraints, and the emailing started apparently unprompted.