Reuse of data (infusionsoft on Wordpress) [RÉSOLVED]

Hello, I would like to find a solution so that:
as soon as someone has encoded once his email address via a form of my site
-(important point: it is built on the CMS Wordpress) -(Second important point: all my forms of captures and full forms are soft infusion forms in HTML).

No matter where and when this one will fall on a form (more complete which asks for more information on this one), I would like that all the fields of which one has the value on the prospect is completed automatically.
Can it be by caching its information (cookie, session?)
Or by request to Infusionsoft via the contact id of the prospect? …

I did a lot of tests but I can not do it yet.

PS: For the pass contact information when sending a form to a page or in emails it’s ok but not enough for me. Please, in advance, apologize for my english from Google translate.

PS 2: I will complete my request with links and examples later.