Retrieving an unintentional delete of an email

My name is Kela and I’m very new to Infusionsoft. I am a new author, and have created an email campaign around my upcoming book signing. The initial email in the sequence is supposed to go out tomorrow morning, but I accidentally deleted the entire thing when I was merely trying to delete and replace an embedded link that needed to be updated. Is there a way for me to retrieve that original email? I sent a test email to myself with all of the relevant info (and the non-working link), but it has my first name in the greeting. How can I fix this rather quickly? I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world and have only had 2 Infusonsoft training sessions so far. However they’re closed now, so I’m stressed! Please help!

Hi, @KELA_HENRY_MD. In the future, if you are working on an existing campaign and make a mistake, you can roll it back to the original state it was in prior to your current work session by clicking on the Revert Changes option under the Actions drop-down.


Also, there is after hours emergency support for specific situations. I think accidentally deleting an email that is supposed to go out the next day is an emergency.

Have you contacted Support yet?


Many thanks for your response! I managed to get everything worked out.



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