Results from Forwarded Messages

If I send out an email to my contacts and they forward it to people, can I see who opened the email and what they clicked on?

Hi Jake,

This actually isnt recommended as the emails are designed to be delivered to the contact itself. The reason for this is, the tracking that shows you what a contact clicks on, and if they open it, would also forward.

For example, if you sent a contact a link to a web form to update some information, if they forwarded it to me, and I clicked the link, the tracking would be tied to the original contact that received the email.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I send my emails targeted to specific people, but I can’t stop them from forwarding it. So, I didn’t know if there was a way to see if someone not in my database opened/clicked my emails.

Hi James - Is there an option for if people do forward an email (even if we don’t want them to) to allow the person who received the forwarded message to sign up for our emails? Perhaps a link in the bottom of the email to our webform to join the mailing list?