Rest/v1/orders - order my modification_date

Will the below ‘since’ and ‘until’ dates use the modification date value? Or is that always the creation_date?

I’m looking to get the most recent updated orders on a daily basis. Or do I need to remove the until and since - and just get the most recent # of orders?

    let response = await axios.get(`${since}&until=${now}&offset=${offset}&access_token=${access_token}`)

Thanks so much!

The Since and Until parameters go by the Created of the record, not the Modified date.

Ok. Thanks @TomScott

So the best way to get most recently updated orders is the below and to just loop thru the most recent 1k transactions:${offset}&access_token=${access_token}

@TomScott How would I query the API to get the most recent updated order items - without querying by creation date.

Example - someone buys a product 45 days ago, and they refund the product yesterday. I’d like to catch that in my query.

@Rick_Nielsen, my suggestion would be that you would be better off querying the XML-RPC tables. You can query the Order / OrderItem / InvoicePayment / Payment tables. The REST v1 API is too limiting in places.

Documentation on querying the Tables.

@Pav I don’t believe ordering by modification_date is working well. In the documentation it says ‘update_date’ which one are we supposed to use?

I’m noticing i’m not getting most recent modifications in the system.

Should we discontinue using the rest api as its not reliable? The below does not work.

    let response = await axios.get(`${offset}&access_token=${access_token}`)

“modification_date” isn’t one of the allowable values for that call, per the documentation: