How to use datetime filter on date_created field to Get Contacts/Order from Infusionsoft?

Hi Expert ,

I want to get Company /Contacts/ Order with specific datetime filter on date_created field .I can't find any sample in api reference . Please help me how can i filter data .

Surajit kundu

I assume you’re referring to the three and separate date created values for each, correct? The api (not rest) can read the respective tables with a query and the date created values can be found in them.

api reference:

table reference:

Hi John ,

I am using Rest API . Yes three end have a separate date created in Base infusion feature . I want to just filter for each endpoint .


Hi, @Surajit_Kundu,

So if we’re talking endpoints then I’m assuming you’re referring to using the REST webhooks?

The webhooks are useful but they only return the id of the relevant record…so for an order, you’ll get an order id etc.

You will then need to read the order using the api and the id passed and get what information you need that way and then do with it what you need to from there.

If REST dosen’t provide the function you need then you can use the SDK to read the correct table, querying on the id.