Date range parameter in REST API List Orders


I was having a question regarding with “since” and “until” parameter in GET /orders REST API.

Does the since and until parameter field refers to the order creation date or the order date?

Currently I am encountered a scenario where my client has entered order data manually with order date set back in November and December 2018 (let say I entered the data today 2nd March 2019), however the data was pulled from Infusionsoft REST API from 1st March to 31st March 2019 range (let say the data was entered in 2nd March 2019.

It is now returning data that includes the data entered with order date back in November and December.

This is not correct since the order date was set back in November or December.

Hence, we would like to know how to handle such situation since the returning data is incorrect from REST API?

Hi, @lynnchin,

That’s a very good question. While I’m sure you could run some tests to verify, I’ve re-posted this question on the IS API FB page. Some of the API devs with IS keep up there as well. I’ll let you know what they say :wink:

And a quick reply it was. Sounds like it’s the creation date:


Hi @John_Borelli, if that’s the case, it would be incorrect.

It should be filtered based by the order date instead of creation date since there are situations where the salesperson need backtrack by filling the past order data into system at later date, which does not make much sense to filter those order data by creation date.

Please refer to example below for more details.

In general, I would agree with you. I’ve had clients that I’ve imported completed orders into Infusionsoft for and this detail has created problems which I needed Infusionsoft’s help to correct. I think there thinking is that orders on creation would be the same as the updated because they would be created when the order was submitted on the same date. As we both can see, however, there are a number of cases that this would not be the case.

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Ok, that sucks. :confused: And this is not always the case.

It sounds like we need to contact Infusionsoft EVERY time if we are encountering the same problem. It definitely sounds not really helpful since the REST API call is returning an inaccurate data.

@bradb: any thoughts?

Hi @lynnchin, the way that this endpoint and others work is that since and until search on the date created field. For most records this makes sense but I understand for orders where you may be entering historical data this can be strange.

I will add a story to our backlog to look into adding a request parameter that would allow you to use the since / until parameters on a different field such as order date.

Cheers @Nicholas_Trecina, any idea how soon the changes will be rolled out?

@lynnchin, I passed the information along to the appropriate product manager but I don’t have any insight in to when it might be prioritized and worked on.

@Nicholas_Trecina Has this been rolled out yet? The use of date range from Order Date instead of Date Created?

Do we have a timeline for this?