[resolved] Mass Update Opt-Out Admin Contacts?

Hi Folks!

I was following the directions to keep our account compliant and I seem to have admin opted out way way way too many contacts…

Is there any way to re opt in these contacts in bulk instead of opening each contact to update their opt in status?

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to make this change using a contact search and the actions that are available.

That’s exactly what I thought but according to support - it doesn’t work for admin opt outs…

iMacros to the rescue!

There’s versions for other browsers but the firefox one worked best and was easy peasy to automate fully

Correct. If the contacts were non marketable because they never were single opted in, for example, then that would work. Addresses that have already been opted out cannot be opted back in en-masse.

ahh I missed the admin opt-out detail… glad you found a workaround!

You and me both! :slight_smile:

Just got an email from Infusionsoft support - they can escalate the case and run them in a batch to reverse the admin opt out so THAT’s even better than having a macro run through them one by one!