Reports including/ excluding tags


I’m looking at using reports. We have two separate companies under infusionsoft, but we tag them differently to differentiate them. How do I use ‘Leadsource Conversion Report’ but exclude/ include only those with certain tags?

Otherwise, is there another way we should be separating contacts for the different companies?


Hi Angie,

unfortunately that report doesn’t allow you to use tags as a filter as well.

Depending on what you want to see this might work for you.

Could you do a contact search that has the tag and the lead source fields used in combo?


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply.

Do you mean run a search for contacts that have certain tags & lead sources? We have about 15 different lead sources so doing this and then adding the results into a spreadsheet would be a lengthy task right?


Maybe, can you let me know what you want to achieve at the end of the day, so we can work backwards from it


Hi Andy, we want to be able to run a report to show which leads have converted to ‘won’ by lead source. We also wanted to do reports for percentage of conversions from different stages such as ‘quote sent’ to ‘won’. As mentioned before, we have 2 different companies and to differentiate them we are tagging them under different tags.

Without seeing your data structure not sure on the percentage conversions.

However a search with your ‘won’ tag AND the company tag, you could then filter by the lead source.

Would need to really see your data to work this out 100% sorry.


I believe what you have said is the best solution, however it is still a lengthy task doing a search for every lead source then taking those numbers and putting them into our own report to get the totals. I’m surprised there’s no option to run reports and to include/exclude those with certain tags.

Well once you have the search in place, you could export that data into Excel (etc) and be able to sort etc much easier? Still not a perfect solution I admit!