How would I be able to make my lead conversion report work?

I have the lead sources set up as tags.
The lead conversion report is blank

The lead conversion report has nothing to do with tags.

You must setup your leadsources and add the expenses to them each (just the start of the process).

Then you must setup stages for moving opportunities with

Then you need to setup opportunities to use those stages and assign them to contacts when they enter your funnel.

Then your opportunities must have your expected product sale assigned to it for that contacts funnel

Then you must move those stages through the opportunity as you reach each milestone in your funnel

Once the sale happens (or doesn’t) you move the opportunity stage to either your win or your loss stage

Finally, your reports on conversions and ROI will be populated with the metrics collected during the funnel process

(no tags needed but it’s a good idea to use tags as well anyway)

Thank you

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