Reporting -- number of contacts with a given tag -- captured on the first of the month, every month?

We want a report that shows how many members we have on the first of the month, every month.

In our setup, members have a certain tag. We have a dashboard widget that shows the “real-time” count based on a saved search. But we want this metric reported over time. On January 1, we had X members. On February 1, we had Y members, etc.

Our work-around currently is that a team member captures this number every month and plugs it into a spreadsheet. But… let’s say someone goes on vacation. Or gets replaced. Or just forgets. If we don’t manually capture that number on the first of the month, it’s lost forever. There must be some way to report data like this.

Has anyone achieved something like this? I’ve considered setting up a campaign that runs a fulfillment report that would email the list of members to someone every month on the first of the month, but so far we haven’t made that work.



We do this type of reporting regularly for clients using a data dump to a 3rd party (like Google Sheets). It allows you do automatically capture that data and report on it in a month-over-month format.

Please email me ( if you are interested in looking at getting something like that built out.