Removing iOS Auto-Linking of dates, addresses etc in emails

I have just sent myself a test broadcast from the new email builder and when opening the email on my phone (Outlook App) the dates and times are linked. It’s also frustrating as I have put info about being open 24/7 and this has linked to my calendar for the 24 July. I don’t want to confuse my customers!

I have read online that there are some HTML hacks to get rid of this - but I wanted to know if Infusionsoft email builder works differently as whenever I have converted to HTML mode it has ruined my email…

This is in respect to something outside of Infusionsoft directly but as you’ve discovered, the work around is in modifying the html as in the following stackoverflow post:

When it comes to outside influences that are due to how a client manages things, it’s not likely to be able to do better than a work around. Though, you can segment by email client and send different emails to those email addresses I’m not sure that would be a full answer in this case.

Thanks John,

I suspected it would be a case of playing with the HTML. Thanks for the link - that’s more helpful than other’s I’ve found!