Add SMS links to campaign emails?

Our office began using ZipWhip so that we can send text messages to our patients and vice versa. Infusionsoft lets you add a Phone hyperlink to text or to a button, but I do not see how to add an SMS link.

Other than creating an HTML email, is there another way to do this?

I’m assuming you’re referring to doing this directly within the email builder. If so then I believe you’d have to use the HTML snippet for that one.

(Updated because HTML code was rendered)

Hi, @John_Borelli, thank you for your reply.

I went into Email Builder and sent some Test emails to myself.

Before these tests, I’ve seen that you can just use <a href="sms:0000000000">Text 0000000000</a> in HTML. I tried this syntax using the Code Block in Email Builder, but it wouldn’t work when I opened the email on my phone.

Next, I tried <a href="sms://0000000000">Text 0000000000</a> in Code Builder, but that wouldn’t work.

Finally, I tried by adding a Button and setting the URL to <a href="sms://0000000000">Text 0000000000</a> – THAT option worked!

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That’s awesome, @Daniel_Johnson_Jr.! Does it work on both Android and IOS?

Hi @martinc,

Tested on both Android (myself) and iPhone (coworker), and it works on both!

I had reached out via Support Chat about enabling SMS via the button functionality, i.e., the same as with Phone. Turns out the workaround works just as well.

Plus, because it’s a URL, you can assign tags to the contact when they tap/click on the SMS url.

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So I’ve been playing around and this works in email builder for both buttons and text links. I don’t have an Iphone to test, but this works on Andriod:



This is a great use case to use a Campaign link. That way, if you ever have to update it, you only have to do it in one place!

For example, we have a number of campaigns that have links to our Hours of Operation, Map to Our Address, etc., which we are already using as Campaign Links.

In addition, the Phone number link option for buttons and text is nice, but Infusionsoft doesn’t let you apply any tags.

Instead you can use the URL link option and then apply tags, such as “clicked to call” or “clicked to text”

The HTML for phone call is <a href="tel://0000000000">Call 0000000000</a>.

In the same way, you could also add the URL to a custom image you’ve uploaded. For example:

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Scratch what I said about using Campaign Links. Infusionsoft puts the “http://” before whatever you put in the saved link area:


(Updated after testing)

It actually still redirects to the Phone DIaler or the Message app. Go figure. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Great job, @Daniel_Johnson_Jr and thanks for sharing additional details. Others will definitely find this thread helpful!

It looks like Infusionsoft may have killed this. Links are being redirected to Wikipedia’s page for “HTTP 404”