Referral Program that offers Products, not credit/percentage of sale

Is it possible to set up a referral program for past clients that offers them a free product vs. a percentage or $ amount of the sale made from their referral link?

@Joanna_3B You could create a referral program that pays them $0, but then triggers a campaign that will send them a code for 100% off a particular product. So, if you wanted to send them the ability to choose from a free mug, free t-shirt, or free beach towel (just making things up here), you could trigger a sequence that sends them to your shopping cart and have a preconfigured promo code that gives them 100% off one of those products – OR, if you are just going to send them something without them having an option, you could have the campaign designed to trigger that to be sent.

Does that answer your question? If not, please let me know some more detail and I’ll try to help.

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Yes, thank you! This is helpful!

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