Refer 5 friends campaign won't run anymore, without changes

I am having issues with a campaign that was created for me where it won’t start anymore.
I recently set up a refer 5 friends campaign.
Basically it works like this. You fill out a landing page that has “Your Name” and “Your email”. Then you have Friend 1 First name, friend 1 email, friend 2 first name, friend 2 email, and so on. Those friend fields are custom fields. Submission of this landing page links to 5 sequences each with their own http post and delay timer. The http post points to a web form in the same campaign with first name, email, yourname, youremail. I have the correct unstyled html int fields of the webform and what merge code they point to, etc.

When I first create it, it works great. If i’m playing with it late at night and infusionsoft decides to push an update to the system, all of my submissions suddenly get stuck in the queue where the http posts are. Upon opening the webform I see that the infusionsoft version number has changed, which now doesn’t match the version number that I had in the http posts. The queues eventually clear out, but now when I fill out the landing page and look at the live report of that campaign, there is 0 activity, even on the landing page submission. So I change the http posts to match the version number of the webform. Still nothing. Then I go to the extreme and make a copy of the entire campaign, which forces me to change the http posts to reflect the new URL to the webform. I go to that landing page and fill it out, and still 0 activity. Other unrelated campaigns still run fine. What’s up with that? A glitch of some kind? I don’t want to have to recreate a campaign from scratch everytime there’s an version update. RIght now there is nothing in the queue holding things back but there is 0 activity. Sorry about the long post.