Recruitment and HR Work Flow Tools / Add-on

I have been looking for Recruitment and On-boarding functionality that I can either add on or copy and modify. We are looking at providing work flow to cover receiving CV, Selection, On boarding Documentation and the follow up.
If anybody knows of something that would be suitable or can point me in the right direction - that would be great.

Hi Trehan, there is a free campaign in the marketplace called Easy Hiring that may help.

Depending on your needs and budget, you may want to invest in a dedicated HR platform. Personally, I would look at Breezy HR and then head over to Zapier and make a zap to send data from Breezy to Infusionsoft. If you only have a few job openings (like 3 at a time), you could set all this up for about $70 per month…which seems reasonable.

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Thank you very much Martin for your recommendations – I really appreciate your insight and advice.

I have tried to search for Easy Hiring and cannot seem to find it – when I click on the link you have provide it tells me that this is a Private Page. Can you help or does anybody else know?



Oops! I didn’t realize that I was signed into the marketplace as an Admin and was viewing a hidden listing. I’ll see if I can make that campaign available again. It may have been set to private for a reason - like it’s old or broken or something. I’ll let you know.

Thanks Martin. I Did see information published about it in 2016 – but then it disappeared from Market Place


Hi Martin

We are new to Infusionsoft and getting our heads around the scope of what we can and cannot do. One thing I am seeing recommendations on for Facebook Ad’s we can create for acquisition that integrate straight into Infusionsoft. I want to promote Consultations and get name, phone and email and then we will work flow it. Do you have recommendations for a good tool that integrates well?




That campaign is a few years old. Here is the Youtube video showing what the campaign is about…there isn’t much too it really. The biggest drawback is that you would need a 3rd party tool to handle file uploads (for the CV.) PlusThis has a file upload utility you can check out…they have a bunch of other tools you may find useful to justify the $80 per month.

I can’t make the campaign public, but I went ahead and published it to my app and I can copy/paste all the verbiage into a text file for you if you’re interested.

I’ll reach out to the @Founder group to help you get some ideas on how to best utilize Infusionsoft on Facebook…I’m certainly not an expert in social media marketing :blush:

Also, welcome to the Infusionsoft family!

Excellent – thank you so much

Hi Martin

Did you have any luck with HR Work Flow Management?

We have worked out Infusionsoft integration for a pop up on our website which is great.

We are now working on Forms.

I have also talked to the team in the US about Facebook Promotion – but the Sales Pack has been very slow to be delivered (if at all) for their Sales Pack for Facebook



@Camille_Shieff Do you have any experience in HR with Infusionsoft or know someone we could bring into the conversation?

Trehan is specifically looking for someting that covers… [quote=“Trehan_Stenton, post:1, topic:533”]
receiving CV, Selection, On boarding Documentation and the follow up.

We use Infusionsoft for our own HR managment. We have a webform setup to serve as an online application (used a ton of custom fields, but it was an important feature for us). We then use an internal form to input the interview date/time and IS sends out reminders to the applicant. If a second interview is needed, we use a form for this also. Once the interview process is completed, we use a note template to input rejected applicants (I hate that term, but…). The accepted candidate is called personally and then moves into a campaign to notify HR and relevant management teams of orientation, training, and periodic review periods (2-weeks, 30-days, 60-days, 90-days, 6-months, 1-year, then annually).

Please keep in mind that our process is rather streamlined since almost all HR is handled by one person, so there isn’t any need to create tasks for different teams, although I have ideas on how that could be accomplished also.

If you like, we can schedule a call to go over various ways that this could be accomplished. PM me and I’ll send you my booking link.



It seems to me that while opportunities may not have originally been ‘purposed’ for this, that stages could be setup and then pipeline automation used to establish clear defined lines of activity based on progression through the stages/pipeline. Has this been considered?


Hi Camille,

Im working with Trehan on this project. Can we please schedule a time to call and discuss this.


It was great talking with you last week, Ashley. Let me know if you have any questions and best of luck getting your HR processes set up in Infusionsoft!!

Thanks martin for your suggestions ! I appreciate your ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:

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