Salesboards. Any recommendations?

Can you recommend any salesboards that integrates easy with InfusionSoft?

Most options are really just reporting tools but sales boards allow more interactivity. The closest I know of might be something like

Hi John.

Thanks for answering. I also found Dasheroo in my searching, and have looked into that board.

Im also looking at




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Hi, @Ronnie_Udesen,

So Graphly is pretty good for appearance and has a fair offering but I think you’ll need to determine if they offer some of the report you’d want. I’ve looked into Klipfolio myself and while I believe it would allow you the flexibility to provide whatever you’d like, it’s far more technical in nature when it comes to pushing data into it and you might find that aspect overwhelming unless you’re a programmer that can understand it’s mechanics because the customization of report requires you to learn their programming ‘language’ that they use to create reports and pushing data into them requires an understanding of databases and using JSON to push to an endpoint which Infusionsoft doesn’t do natively and therefor you’d need to write an endpoint that IS can push information to and then code that can take that information and send it to Klipfolio from there. The others I don’t know anything about myself.