Quotes in Browser?

Sorry Peter … misunderstood where you were in the process.

The process I outlined doesn’t not work as the quote preview is a generic URL tied to the contact itself.

Unfortunately, there is no API end point for the quote feature, or you could do this with API connectivity (reference: Can I list all quotes/invoices and their current status via an endpoint?).

My suggested workaround - which is not the most elegant, but would work — is for you to have a ‘quotes@yourdomain.com’ email so you can send the quotes to that email address and then forward them from there to the client email. That way the email would be from your direct email address. (We could also do this via automation using Make where you could send the quote and include the client contact ID and/or destination email in the quote email and we could set up an auto-forward - assuming your email has SMTP capabilities).