Can I list all quotes/invoices and their current status via an endpoint?

Hi all … a bit of help please if possible

I’m looking for the endpoint where I can list all sales quotes and sales invoices (ideally with their paid status and line items)

I’m relatively new with Keap development and looking at the REST documentation I can’t find a category of sales or quotes or invoices … I’m assuming I’m looking in the wrong place so any guidance would be great.

In terms of context, what I am needing to do is create a little bit of middleware that can list all quotes that have been created and pass them to an internal system that the client is using

Similarly, with invoices that have not been paid … I need to pass that data to the other system and then update the status of the invoice depending upon an event with the legacy system

This is part of a migration process from an old system to Keep so it’s being done in bite size pieces

If someone can point me in the right direction of the endpoint I should be using please then that’d be great.

Thank you


Hi Dan,

Unfortunately there is no REST API Endpoint for Quotes as mentioned here: Quote Endpoint - #2 by TomScott

As for Invoices, you can retrieve the Orders (E-Commerce) using this method:

The method has a “paid” parameter in which you can search on.

Hope that helps.

thank you :slight_smile: