Query Order Fields

Hello, I am looking to query specific fields within the orders endpoint using the REST API. There is a business requirement within our eCommerce company to periodically get new data matching certain criteria from Keap/Infusionsoft.

One example is orders with the title “Manual” or “local pickup”. I’ve attempted several different ways to query this data through filtering specific days using the “since” query parameter, but have only succeeded in pulling the entire day’s worth of data from the orders endpoint.

Is this currently possible with the REST API? It seems strange I couldn’t query data based on field values.

Example mock-up code, written in Python:

query_params = {'title': 'manual', 'since': f'{today_datetime}'}

get_manual_orders = requests.get(
    order_API_URL, headers=request_headers, params=query_params)

This code returns the entire days worth of order data.

In order to query by title, you are going to need to leverage the XMLRPC API. Use the DataService.query method on the table called Job. The title field is labeled “JobTitle”.

Table documentation
DataService.query documentation