Putting a Landing page on a Website

I have created a couple landing pages. I would like to place them on my website. It looks like I am capable of doing that but am trying to figure out how. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

At the end of the LP process you are provided with the page url. You can use that as the src location in an iframe on a website page.

@Scott_Riebel, if you have a Wordpress website, you can install a plugin called “Infusionsoft Landing Pages for WordPress” by David Bullock to make the iframe process super easy.

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I tried this but am having a hard time getting it to work. Place it as an iFrame? What do I use as the URL Slug?

Yes, choose iFrame and then add anything for the slug that you want. Make sure there are no spaces in the slug.

Hi Scott,

We actually have a few LP’s on our site as lead capture.
Check out the “Request A Sample”:

Any questions on how we did this, feel free to reach out to me

Cheryl, what are the issues with putting IS landing pages within Iframes on Wordpress? I have heard that the individual elements of the landing page are not that responsive, or rather not as mobile responsive as they would be if the landing page were not within that iframe. Is that true? What has your experience been?

Does David’s plugin help one surmount these issues? Or does it simply make the Iframe process easier than it would be otherwise?

I’ve only ever used David’s plugin to iframe the pages I’ve made and it’s worked beautifully, @Karen_Cavanagh.

Hi Cheryl, the Wordpress plugin is not maintained anymore, so I choose to embed the landing page code in the a Wordpress ifram page. The problem i’m having is that it’s not responsive. What do you advice?