Put submit button in same line as email

I want a simple web form that has an email box and a submit button to the right of it–all inline together–but I cannot see how to get the submit button on the same line. Is this possible?

Hi David. Currently, there is not a horizontal layout, out of the box, with the Infusionsoft webform builder. Though this is possible with some custom coding of the unstyled HTML, if you are embedding on your website.

Some members of our community may have some suggestions on custom styling your HTML to line the form fields and submit button in a horizontal format.

Thank you James. I’m looking at the HTML, but it’s going to take a while…

Something like this Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

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Yes indeed. Can I just substitute my Infusionsoft URL there and use this?

This should work. I just removed all the divs to make it easier to copy/paste without having to edit your CSS

Not sure what’s happening but the form wraps when I put in on my page and the button is not styled nor does the email box have a boundary.

Paste the code of the full page and I’lll take a look. If it’s complicated, I may suggest contacting a web dev partner. :grin:
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