Progressive number field in letter template

Good day everyone.

I have a question, i have already had a chat with the support but looks there is no conventional way to achieve what i’m looking for. So i’m writing this hoping that someone found the same issue and is searching for a workaround.

I’m creating a letter template, and i need to insert a progressive number. This for taxation purposes. Anyone had this problem already?



What about the contactId? This will give you a unique number that increments however, there isn’t much control in terms of having it start the count at 1.

Also, the contact Ids are every other number. Example:


hope it helps

Firts, thank you very much for your answer :wink:

That said, i think this unfortunately won’t work…i need a number starting where i need to, and not to skip values in between…sigh…

Also, contact id is a static number for each contact, right?

Thanks a lot anyway mate

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HI, @Matteo_Mauri,

This is a reasonably common question though it normally revolves around promo codes or discount codes, it’s really the same principal.

As you’ve pointed out, there is no “out of the box” method in IS to do this. It can be done (I know because I’ve had clients we’ve done similar for) by a php script on your server that an http post sends out to for the contact and sets the next value in a custom field that can then be used as a merge field within emails etc.

Ahh, knew it was a long shot with that one. ContactId is indeed static for each contact (unless a merge occurs)

If the contactId doesn’t work, you’ll need some custom code + the API. John mentions the recipe in this thread. :+1: