Product Order Form Scarcity Question

Hi all,

We are trying to set up a product so that the first five people that actually purchase it get a high discount, the second five that purchase it get a medium discount, and everyone else that purchases it gets the regular price. We’ve played around with different ways to do this in an automated way and are stumped.

Has anyone successfully done this? Did you use a plugin or order form customization?



What we’ve tried:

Set up three different products, one for each price, with appropriate inventory (5 for BigDiscount, 5 for MediumDiscount, the rest for RegularPrice). Add all three to an order form, and try to use javascript to change which product shows up. Changing the quantity on the order form from the user side doesn’t remove it from the order form. Strange.

Looked at PlusThis Scarcity Trigger plugin. This allows us to tag a customer based on when they click a link, then send them to a smart link for the appropriate product order form, but clicking the link doesn’t guarantee they complete the checkout.

Any other ideas?