Problem solved problem solved

problem solved problem solved problem solved

It would be better to keep the original post (problem) and then post the solution so others can benefit from the answer :wink:

I will see if I can re-create the message and add the solution … when I get a minute.

thanks, (:

Nothing critical, @Pamela_murray. Just a suggestion. For those looking for a specific answer it can often be helpful.


I had a problem where my Product Email Notifications stopped working. My email inbox was nearly full and I had cleared space in there but there was one other thing I needed to do.

I had to go into the contact where the email address was created and reset the Email Status

  • under the email address - click on Manage Email Status and then Confirm
    -this solved the problem

It was a critical issues for us at our business as I am an administrator and part of my job is to
keep customers up to date on their Events and keep a Guest List. Without notifications coming through I wasn’t able to correctly update customers or my boss who depend on the lists I generate from these automatic notifications. I was doing it manually for a couple of days.

So, thank you very much over there at Infusion Soft March 22 (tech telephone help line) for your help! Greatly Appreciated! (: