Preventing Orders After Someone Ordered and Refunded Previously

Does anyone know of a way to prevent someone who has previously ordered a subscription and refunded from ordering again?

I don’t mean preventing duplicate orders, that’s already set up in the Infusion Soft order form.

I mean for example a person orders subscription A in July. Asks for a refund in August. Then orders subscription A again in October.

We get enough of these that’s is problematic because we specifically state in our terms that we do not allow refunds on canceled subscriptions if that same subscription had been canceled before. The problem is that many just threaten to open a chargeback with their card issuer. We know we’ll be giving back that money so we might as well just refund them and avoid the blemish on our record.

It would be better if we could identify them once they hit the order page and redirect them to a page instructing them to call. That way we could explain that they won’t get a refund if they buy again.

I was thinking of maybe doing this with tags but don’t see a clear way to do that.

Any suggestions are welcome. I’m pretty sure others have experienced enough of “those customers” to want something like this feature.

You can’t do this natively but you could do it through a smart link created through plusthis. What you would do is tag somebody who has a refund in the past and the smart link would say “if they have that tag, send them to a different page instead of the order form“. That way you can send those people over to a different landing page instead of the order form I need to do what you want to with them.

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Hope that helps.