Is there a way to stop someone from signing up for a second free trial on an order form?

My company has begun to see more and more people signing up for a free trial of our subscription plan, canceling their account, only to later go back and sign up for another free trial. We’re looking for a way to stop this right on the order form itself, with something like a duplicate email already being found - “I’m sorry, an account already exists with this email address.” or something like that. We currently have it set in the campaign automation to tag them previous member new trial, but this doesn’t stop them from getting a new trial - as they’ve already signed up again for the trial and it’s more difficult to stop them after they’ve done it.

Does anyone have a solution for this? If any of this question is unclear I’ll be happy to elaborate.

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Also looking for the same answer here.

Bumping this. I would really love to see if anyone has come up with a solution.

I would set it up like this:

  1. Make sure your duplicate checking is on and based on email.
  2. In the Campaign or action set that closes/cancels the trial, add a tag that implies they’ve already had 1 free trial and are not entitled to have another. Something like “No-Free-Trial”.
  3. In the Campaign that gives them access for the free trial, create a separate sequence to address that they’ve already signed up in the past. Use a decision diamond to send them toward the free trial if they are a genuinely new record, or to this other sequence if they have already signed up in the past, all based on the “No-Free-Trial” tag.

As for checking while in the order form, I think that makes it easier for them. I don’t give free trials until they’ve clicked a confirmation link in a confirmation email, so they have to provide legitimate email addresses. Combine this with the the “No-Free-Trial” tag, and you will still get a few cheaters, but they’ll run out of emails or desire to do that soon enough. If you find they don’t stop trying to cheat, stop offering the free trial or perhaps lower your price. Somewhere in there your product is wanted, but the price is high enough to make them cheat. An alternative to a free trial is a refund policy.

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