Prevent greater than (> to >) sign conversion in CSS style block in email

My CSS in an email style block isn’t working because my greater-than symbols are automatically converted to > by the Infusionsoft system. (e.g., “tbody > td” becomes “tbody > td”, which is not valid CSS) Is there any way to prevent this? If not, should this be considered a bug? I need to be able to use the “>” selector in CSS context without it getting converted.

Hi, @Josh_Nederveld,

I edited your post to show the > because it was displaying as the same as the other.

I don’t know if that’s a bug but there are other ways to specify descendants. Have you considered using an alternative method (like setting a custom property and specifying it by that property specifically?)

Thanks @John_Borelli, appreciate it. Yes, I can use an alternative method, but the reason this happened in the first place was because I’m using the Zurb Foundation for Emails framework to generate some of the HTML/CSS for my emails. The CSS it generates uses the child selector. If I hadn’t been able to edit the JS that generated the HTML, I wouldn’t have been able to get around this easily. Regardless, I’m still in favor of changing this behavior so that developers aren’t restricted to a sub-set of the standard CSS selectors.

I completely understand and that makes sense. Unfortunately, what little I do know of the “why” some things are the way they are includes knowledge of the back end database collation having an issue with some codes. This is also evident when people want to add emojis to an email body…it interferes with the database in some way and so they just strip those values out all together…so, if I had to guess, that may be the reason for the conversion as well. You can submit a feature request or change at but it may be that this one falls under that category I’ve described.

Excellent, thanks for the information John! I’ll do that.