HTML code and Email body text showing in preview text

When I receive test messages in my Email, it shows the Preview text I assigned, but then it shows the CSS code for the body text and then the body text itself. How can I keep it to just the preview text I assigned? Seems like a system issue?

This is normally caused by a tag not getting closed/terminated correctly. There are some code view tools online that can help determine if that’s the case.

Thanks! I don’t see anything weird, looking through quickly. However, I did not modify code or add any code. I’ve just added modules from the block menu. Is it normal for templates to get corrupted or to have code drop out?

Then I’d try to copy/paste your content into a new email as occasionally if an email gets corrupted, creating a new one may resolve the issue.

Oh wow. Okay. I’ve actually set up several Emails. The ones that don’t have code in the preview still have text from the Email in the preview. Is there anything that can be done about that?


Are you saying it’s happening with multiple emails?

It appears that the issues with code showing up in the preview was from one of the blocks in the template that must have corrupted somehow. I’ve replaced that now and I think that is fixed. However, all of the Emails I’ve set up show the preview text that I keyed in, plus the text from the Email itself when I look at the preview text in the test messages I send out.