Possible to embed form and pass contact info within the Confirmation Appearance page?

Is it possible to make a radio form pass contact info from the Infuisionsoft thank you page?

Or, use a direct link to the form without it needing to pass from an inf email?

I am not sure if I fully understand the question. Are you asking if there is a way to pass data to the thankyou page, when this form is filled out?

If you can be a little more clear on what you are looking for, we may have a solution. :slight_smile:

Using the Automation Link, if a contact clicks the automation link from the custom confirmation email, it goes through a process specified. In this case, adding an opt-in tag. When the contact clicks the confirm link, it goes to a Confirmed page. I’m wondering if it’s possible to embed a form and pass form info to the contact, from that page. I’ve tried to embed inside the Confirmation Appearance, and the form appears but doesn’t pass the info upon submit.

Does that make sense?

I’ve found through trying to do something similar (pass the contact ID through a redirect URL (appended with the ID parameter) from the confirmation source page to a scheduling calendar so that the contact doesn’t have to reenter name and email…but it doesn’t seem possible without additional script that I don’t know how to write.