Please help! Landing page emergency - content just disappeared!

I have an emergency… I just launched my first huge campaign launching my new course and just went in to edit something on my landing page (that I worked for months on) and after i made the one minor change the majority of the page just disappeared! I can only see now about 1/3 of the whole page. It went from this to this in a heartbeat before I had the chance to finish the edit (see 2 attached) Infusionsoft support said they’d help me on Tuesday! It’ Sunday and I can’t wait that long… I’m new here but hope someone awesome can help me. Thanks :slight_smile:

HBIAB SCREENSHOT. broken.pdf (1.4 MB)

That stinks, @Natalie_Stevens. I’m sorry we couldn’t help you in time. Support is open today (Monday), but I assume you are in AUS.

Sure does Martin and yes im in AUS but i’m pretty sure i pay as much an anyone else so unless I’m paying for the dodgy Aussie version that comes with no support… I STILL haven’t had a conversation with anyone despite me reaching out on everyone known avenue. I’ve never experienced this before. Even little companies I subscribe from can’t do enough to help when the chips are down. I’m shattered and so upset by the lack of anything i’ve been able to get for 4 days now. Devastated, I just can’t get a conversation above base chat anywhere. The issue was escalated 4 days ago and nothing… :frowning:

Hi Natalie, I have a similar issue in a campaign I am building did you manage to get any resolution?

Hi Anthony,
No, none whatsoever. Infusionsoft finally contacted me. Denied that it was possible and then asked me if I could reenact the problem whilst video screening it. Ah… no, I can’t make 3/4 of one of my landing pages suddenly disappear on cue.
I also notice weird parts of campaigns missing etc. Things are weird.
I’m looking into moving to active campaign just as soon as I can manage the time to do that. Good luck with yours. Let me know how you go.

HI Natalie,
Thank you for your response. Mmmm that doesn’t sound very promising.
I haven’t been able to find any resolution elsewhere either so gave up and started again to save time, fortunately it was not too complicated.
Good luck with your future projects.