Permissions Error on Companies API Endpoint

Hi There - we have written a mobile app that works with companies, contacts, and opportunities. The contacts and opportunities seem to work correctly in terms of user permissions set in Infusionsoft. With companies, however, if I set the user permission to be able to view all companies, then I can see all companies (which is incorrect, I want to see only the companies that user has permission to see). If I set the user to not see all companies, I get a permissions error when querying the companies endpoint.

We are trying to launch the app in the next few weeks and this is a real blocking point. Any feedback is appreciated.


Actually - I’m not sure about this, but when I use the REST api playground and try to query companies, I get a ‘no response from server’ error - is there an issue with the API right now?

It looks like the permissions on the company endpoint require theView All permission. Let me take a look at it, but this may be a bug.

The API Playground doesn’t refresh tokens for you so if you made a call more than 24 hours after you originally authenticated you will either get a 401 with a message that it is expired and eventually it will turn into a 401 with an invalid access token once the token is purged from our system.

Hi @bradb - thanks for looking at this for me. We are building a mobile app solution for a client, and they are very security conscious. Having the api reflect the permissions granted in Infusionsoft is a big deal for them, so I would love it if you can figure out if this is a bug that can be fixed.


Hi @bradb - just checking in - did you ever see if this is an official issue? Is there any timeline to address this?

Sorry for the delay.

I think this is indeed a bug. Can you file an API support ticket?