Permissions in Infusionsoft Mobile?


is there a way to set permission so that Infusionsoft mobile user in my team only have access to the contacts they have assigned to them?

Tried everything and don’t find it.


Hi @Martin_Chagnon. Are the user permissions set up this way in Infusionsoft (web) for them to only see contacts that they own?

I can tell you I have never personally tested this on mobile, but I am running a test now.

I am creating a user who has permisson to only see contacts that they own, and I am going to log into the user via the web app.

Under the ‘Contact’ permission section for the user, I have made sure that these 3 permissions are set to ‘No’

Also, a couple more permissions down, I have set ‘Can edit unassigned records’ to No also.

Well, I have ran my tests, and I see what you mean. I found that this has been this way, but I am not sure why. I am actually in the process of speaking with the person that oversees IS Mobile, about another thing I am looking into, so I will be questioning this. I assume that, due to the nature of the integration, there are some roadblocks, but I am going to see what information I can find on this.