Restrict access to certain groups of contacts to certain users?

My client is working with a 3rd party to set up some APIs and external programs to work with Infusionsoft. They want to give them access to the Infusionsoft application in order to provide a good space for testing setup but don’t want to give them access to all of the customers’ data.

This is mainly for the sake of keeping the data safe and making sure nothing gets deleted or altered by accident.

I was hoping that there was an option somewhere that would allow me as an admin user on the account to invite the 3rd party and then restrict them to only be able to see contacts with a certain tag or perhaps custom field?

Any ideas?


You can set up the User Permissions for the user account you give them to be able to only see contacts that are assigned to them. That way, they only see the test contacts that you set up and set them as the ‘owner’ for.

We do this to restrict sales people to only see their own leads — same concept applies.



Hi Jeff,

That makes a lot of sense, can’t believe I forgot about that feature!

Thanks again for the reply.