Passing Dynamic values from website into Email Flow

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Our website currently runs a campaign that allows customers to customise / personalise their item on our website and ‘save’ it. The website will then store their saved item and send them an email with the saved # code so when they click on it, they can see their saved item.

Our team would like this email to now be transferred to Keap / infusionsoft instead of coming from the website so marketing can edit the email templates.

However, this email provides customers the saved # code which is dynamically generated.

Does keap / infusionsoft allow a dynamic code custom from our website to be inserted in the emails?

Depending on how the website-to-Keap connection is configured, if you can save that dynamically created code into a custom field, then it can be inserted into the emails without issue.

Does that help?


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As Jeff pointed out, the Custom Field would be a solution to the problem. But, that custom field will be overridden if the same customer makes another order again. Custom fields can be inserted into the Emails.

Another suggestion would be to retrieve the Email Template from the API, replace a Special Shortcode (reference to your # code) in the Email, and send out the Email.

Retrieve Email Template (XML-RPC) -

Send Email (XML-RPC) -

Send Email (REST v1) -

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much Jeff and Pav! these information has helped us!

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