Can I pull data from external source/APP that I can use to populate dropdown or list box

Challenge for the experienced folks partnering with Infusionsoft, can you help? I have a table of businesses, their addresses and email addresses that have monthly additions, and email changes. I want to be able to access some data from these tables to be brought into my IS workflow for my clients. That data could be “Biz Name, 123 Main Street” or could be an email address that would be pulled into automated email addresses. These businesses are not my client nor are their contact records in my workflow.

Is there a method that I can maintain this data, and be able to have it appear in my Infusionsoft campaigns as a list box or dropdown in numerous separate custom fields and pull them in an order I chose (not alphabetically like list box)? Think of it as: I am going to send an email address to a family and pull 5 sites of interest that we are going to, in any order that I chose. I want to pick these from an internal form, and it will populate an auto email. I will in a separate campaign, email these 5 businesses and let them know we are coming. Because their personnel change frequently, I need to update the email addressed frequently. Any ideas on methods that this might be accomplished? Thank you for your help!

Although we currently have a method to add custom fields for Contacts in the REST API, we don’t have a method available to update them publicly at the moment there.

In the Legacy XML RPC API there is a method that you can use to update the values on a custom field:

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