Dynamic Merge Fields in Template not showing

Hi, we have a form submission campaign i.e where customer submits an email on website with their custom saved product, it generates a dynamic URL code with their saved product colours that gets kept into their profile in KEAP CRM under “Forms”.

Our problem arise when we are building our email template where we are trying to retrieve this link and automatically send them this link in an email so that they may click onto this URL link and see their saved colours.

We tried to generate this link in the front end email template using code but its not showing up in the email upon test:

{{ Contact._SavedColoursURL }}

Would we be missing something in the codes?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Michelle, so I want to help, but I’m going to need to ask a few questions here first, sorry!

  1. What type of field is _SavedColoursURL - I’m hoping the answer is Website

  2. Which email builder are you sending the emails from - off the contact record - easy automation - advanced automation?

  3. When you ‘test’ how do you test - test off the template or put a ‘real’ contact through it (always recommend putting a contact through it rather than relying on the test function)

All the best

Hi Andy!

Thank you for your reply.

  1. Field is Website yes (will attach a screenshot). Our dev codes the fields from this form into website
  2. Advanced automation (btw i only just found out theres such thing as easy automation from your message - never seen that part of Keap before)
  3. Yup i’m using 2 emails i.e “real” contacts.

hi, can we get a follow up on our question please? thank you

Sorry, didn’t get the notification you had responded!

That merge field looks incorrect, try writing it: ~Contact._SavedColoursURL~