Merge field not encoded properly in a form url

Hi everyone,

I have a form in Formstack that is pre-populated with data from an email sent through Keap Max Classic.

The problem is that the url generated by Keap is not working because the merge field data isn’t properly written.

The URL contains some “%” and “numbers” instead of spaces.

I need the url to be generated properly like : instead if

Are you inserting the URL directly into the email, or are you linking it?

Meaning, do you see:


Click here

On your Keap email?

If you are doing the latter, change it to the one up above. It isn’t as pretty, but if you link it the other way, Keap is actually reformatting the link and redirecting to it can track clicks, etc. and that is probably causing the issue.


Hi Jeff!

Thanks for the answer.

The url is inserted in button.