Pass "contact info" thru Campaigns

I have captured the client’s contact info at the beginning stage of interest. They are moved to a landing page within the same Campaign where they are given three qualifying “buttons” to select their specific interest. When they select the button it transports them to another specific Campaign Landing Page.

That Campaign does not seem to benefit from the original contact information provided. Please share suggestions to improve the client’s experience.

Fingers crossed,

Am I understanding correctly to say that you are referring to the followup campaign forms not already “knowing” who the contact is?

Correct, I anticipated that once the contact info was captured in the first Campaign, it could follow the Client’s path through the other Campaigns breadcrumbs as long as they never left the system. I.e.;

Campaign 1 - Information; Client Logs in (Client’s info captured), passed on to Landing Page with three button options (Campaign 2, 3, or 4) to learn more specific information.

Campaign 2 - Specialized Info; Landing Page (linked by URL) with more information, Passed on to Web Form for questionnaire (Client’s info not merging).


So the campaign won’t know by getting redirected from one form to the other. Normally, when one form is submitted (or in your case a specific button is clicked on that form) a tag would get raised that would begin a campaign (which does carry the contact information at that point) and we would normally then send an email with the link to the form in question, passing the contact information with it.

Are you saying, that once Campaign 1 is complete you issue an email to the Client with a link to the next Campaign, hoping they come back?

I intended to get them to a decision immediately while they showed interest and were in the system. How might I adjust my efforts to accomplish this? How about combining the three response trees in the original Campaign it would look way larger than any example I have seen so far?

You also stated, “a tag would get raised that would begin a campaign”. I am using tags but don’t see how any actions are triggered by the “tag”. Could you elaborate?

So while I certainly understand how you want them to get directed to the next form right away, the IS forms won’t work to send information forward to them in that way. The email option with a link would allow the information to be known when they click the link because their contact information would be built into it with merge fields.

Enter the reason for raising the tag. When the tag is raised the tag can be used as a goal that begins a campaign sequence that sends the email with said link in it. They click on it and it takes them to a new form that can then be populated based on the link.

You would like to be able to send them directly there and I think that would be a great idea but it would only be possible with the use of outside forms (in something like WP) and api communication from your IS app.

I was running into a similar issue w/ the new landing pages. With the current IS webforms you can pass contact info to the URL thus auto populating the next form w/ a contacts email. Also…it doesn’t auto populate the LP when coming from an IS link.

I hope this feature will be added to the landing pages soon. Also…submission notifications

@Sterling_L and @mjfleming, as long as you are going from an email link to an Infusionsoft hosted form(or the Javascript on a self-hosted page) or order form or OLD campaign builder landing page (not the new one just added to the campaign builder)…as long as you select the option in the form Settings to do this:

If a form submitted then needs to go to yet another Infusionsoft hosted form, you will want to configure the redirect/thank you page like this:

If you go outside of using Infusionsoft hosted forms (or the Javascript version), you will need to use scripts on your website pages to look for the contact data and add it to the forms.

Thank you for adding some detail. I was aware of those check boxes.

I’ve gone thru the effort to place all three “button” options within the same Campaign in an effort to not require a jump between separate Campaigns as described above. Unfortunately, this did not resolve my issue either. Apparently whenever we link one landing page to another the Client’s “contact info” drops off.

If there is some step or workaround for this issue I would be very grateful.

I’m not sure where the buttons are but as long as you are linking from one Infusionsoft hosted form/landing page (remember, not the new landing pages) using the redirect URL on the first form and checking the box as I mentioned, details will pass.

But if you are linking from a text or image link on landing pages to another landing page, the passing will break, I believe. So the submit button must be used and the thank you page URL option w/the checkbox to pass details to the thank you page (the URL of the 2nd Infusionsoft hosted form) must be used.

Hi Cheryl,

Can you clarify your comment; “as long as you are linking from one Infusionsoft hosted form/landing page (remember, not the new landing pages)”.

I am only aware of the Landing Page labeled “New”. I am using IS hosted URL’s.

Thanks for your efforts.

That’s the problem, then @Sterling_L. Those new landing pages are not set up yet to pass contact details.

Is there another “Landing Page” that you suggest I use? I am happy to adapt… Fingers crossed

If you can find a free campaign in the Marketplace that uses the older landing page, you could copy it in whatever campaign you’re using. You must have a brand new app?

Here is what the older ones looked like in the campaign tools:

“Landing Page submitted” appears to be another Web Form. Is there a sentence or two you could share that describes how they are/ behave differently?

Correct, it is basically another web form with the ability to style the content around it easier. But behaves just like a web form.

Thanks again for your help Cheryl.

Looking forward to the day when the new landing pages forward contact info intact.

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Oh, I do too, @Sterling_L! Until then, we’re quite limited as nice as they are!

Have you tried using a hidden email field? That always works for me as long as it’s set to check for duplicates based on email address.

@Candice_Hiles, unfortunately, hidden fields aren’t available in the new landing pages yet. So looking forward to when they are :slight_smile: