Linking Campaigns

I have created an information campaign that starts with an email (it works).

The information Landing Page has three buttons that I am trying to link to secondary campaigns. I cannot locate how to establish a starting URL;

How do I connect them?

Thanks in advance

Hey Sterling, so, campaigns are initiated by actions - and in the campaign builder, you’d use Goals to listen for the specific actions you want to track.

So, for example, if you build a campaign with your landing page, then someone submitting the landing page (opting in) would be the trigger goal for that campaign - then after the goal you’d want a sequence, wherein you could add whatever automation you want to have happen after they’ve submitted your landing page.

The process of building a campaign usually goes Goal>>Sequence>>Goal>>Sequence

I like to describe it as “Action>>Reaction” as well, because the Campaign Goals are the action the contact (or user) is taking, and then the Campaign Sequences are the automated reaction.

When it comes to breaking down your automation into multiple campaigns, sometimes you will want your campaigns linked together - a natural example is a lead capture campaign that might be driving someone to a purchase - the concluding goal of that campaign would be when someone buys something.

Then, you could use that same purchase goal in a different campaign to initiate your post-purchase fulfillment process.

There’s a lot to learn about the campaign builder, but here are a few free resources to start with:

And if you’re looking to dig in further, I actually offer a three-part course covering the campaign builder that may be just what you’re after. You can check it out here.

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Thanks for the response Greg,

The Landing Pages do offer a URL link so they connect well with other campaigns.

Making Progress…

Hey Sterling, I guess you’ve got me curious now - how does offering a URL link help connect them to other campaigns?

I’m thinking he might be referring to a link to the webform that starts the other(s)?

I used a landing page as my first point of connection in the secondary Campaigns. Because they offer a URL (on the third page of the set up) I could then copy it and past it in the first Campaign’s topic-specific button and it made the connection for me.

Is there another way? always interested to learn…