Connection between two landing pages

So I’m building this campaign where people can visit a landing page to download an ebook. That leads them into a Nurture Sequence consisting of 4 e-mails. At the end of every email there is a call to action link, which when clicked leads them to another landing page where they can schedule a Strategy Session.

As you can see in the screenshot, i made a connecting line between the Nurture Sequence and Strategy Session Landing Page, so when publishing the campaign there won’t be an error that campaign elements are not connected.

I figured this connecting line doesn’t really do anything anyway. Is that correct or is there a reason to delete it? For example, i don’t want a visit to the Landing Page to stop the Nurturing Sequence (I only want it to stop when the Strategy Session is scheduled).

That is exactly what would happen. The way it’s connected, the LP is an exit goal that will pull them out of the sequence they’re connected to. The message you see is just a notice (not an error). Just leave the LP unconnected to anything (unless you have specific reason not to).

Thank you so much for your answer.