Non-profits using infusionSoft?

We are a community Foundation and were wondering how over non-profits have set-up the “Deal Flow”?

Hi Brian, Just to make sure I am on the right track what are you wanting to accomplish in the “Deal Flow”?

For example are you looking to automate emails for potential donations?


Actually, it would be more of a sales stages…. How are they setting up steps (and labeling) the process from “Cold call to Close” with potential donors?


Here is a pre-made campaign you can use to start with

The sequence will start when an Opportunity is moved into the stage, and stop when it moves to another one.

You can create the stages by going to CRM > Settings > Sales Pipeline

Here are help guides that go over the Stages
Create Sales Pipeline Stages

Set Up The Pipeline Checklist


I was able to make those changes, I was looking to see if anyone had any “best practices” recommendations or samples of successful “work flows”


Perfect. The Pre-made campaign is a good ready to go work flow. @Partner does anyone have additional recommendations?

Do have any other Community Foundations using the system? Perhaps I can contact them?


Workflow as it pertains to strictly the sales pipeline system or workflow as it pertains to your operations?

The pipeline or workflow for any non-profit. I was hoping there was another non-profit was using Infusionsoft to track donors from “first contact to donation made” to make sure we were not missing any steps as we build our pipeline.

Ahhhhh, I see

That is outside of my agency coaching expertise.

Ah, Okay. Thanks for replying and offering to help.


Here’s a little non-profit case study: Keap for Non-Profits: A Monkeypod Case Study - Monkeypod Marketing