Donation Platform?

We are a non-profit that regularly receives donations. Currently we are using First Giving to handle donations but would like to find a donation platform that will sync with IFS. Suggestions?

Or, is it possible to accept donations directly through IFS? It would have to accommodate repeated donations on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Hi Rick,
We’ve done this using Gravity Forms. Here’s a demo:
Here’s a video I made of how this integrates with Infusionsoft:

We can modify this to allow for repeated donations and we can create campaigns that will prompt people who haven’t donated to set up automated donations to do so.
Ping me if you want to talk more about this.

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HI! I am a former employee of Infusionsoft now helping a non profit and could use some advice. I realize using IS order forms for donations is not the way to go, we have 13k contacts and a big 3 email sequence coming up next week. Quick turnaround! You suggest gravity forms? Any other tips you can share? I am creating a marketing campaign heavily with social media for this summer- gearing up for big PR opportunity for the organization september. My email is

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Melissa_Blatt,

Hope your new endeavors are working out well for you!

So I’m not really convinced that IS order forms shouldn’t be used for donations. They may need some customizing if you want to give specific options like $25, $50, $100, Other etc but a donation is just a product with a variable amount. It would certainly function the same as any other product.

Still, we have indeed setup donation pages on WP sites and connected them to an Infusionsoft app. I think the details around the project would really be the key to answering more specifically.