New Landing Page Builder connecting your domain

when following the instuctions on how to connect your domain
I can not find where the field / settings are to verify your domain

are these instructions left over from the previous landing page builder or is this functionality not implemented yet in the new version of the landing page builder even through the opt is there and was mentioned in the ICON 2017 update video?

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Hey @Ian_Wilson. I saw this is missing too, and did some digging, and currently one of our Advanced Support Reps is working on an issue surrounding this. We should hopefully have some more information this week.

Hey @James_Mefford. Is there any update on this? I am suffering from the same issue and would like to know when it can be resolved. Thanks.

As of right now, my advanced support team is seeing a potential issue that we are recreating. I am awaiting some further information, but should have some in a bit.

any updates on this? The option is still not available?

Hey @mjfleming. How are you doing today? I just checked on this, as I see it appears there were some roadblocks that the development team on landing pages has hit. We shared all the relevant information, and are awaiting them to roll a fix still.

Hi there,
Is there any fixes on this yet?

Not yet. I did just receive an update this week on some big updates coming to the new landing pages, though. As the new landing pages are still in Beta, we have expected some hiccups, along the way, but we are expecting a number of fixes, when the updates that development is currently working on, are completed.