Help: Landing Page Builder, https, and sub domains

Hey guys!

I enjoy the new landing page builder and I thought I would try connecting it to a sub domain of my site. I’ve done this, but now the infusionsoft landing page is no longer ‘https’. Since this landing page does request some information from my users, I believe they’ll be hesitant to interact with it since their browser will be warning them that it isn’t secure.

What must I do, if I can do anything, to make the sub domain secure while having it point to the infusionsoft landing page?


I think your only option is to iframe it on your site if you want your domain’s site certificate present on the page.


Just a clarification - it doesn’t need to be my certificate. Infusionsoft’s certificate would be fine too. But maybe you’re saying the only way is with an iframe?

Correct. SSL certificates can’t work across multiple domains.

Hey Martin:

Just spoke with the development team for the landing page builder. Evidently, I was typing in https://www.[subdomain].[domain].com. However, the DNS settings they had me use to make the connection to their landing page works only with https://[subdomain].[domain].com. Once I used that address, I was able to get a secure connection (https). I don’t know how any of this works, but it does now.

Thanks for your input!


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Well apparently, I don’t know what I was talking about :blush: . Glad you got it figured out, Michael!