New Checkout Pages unusable because cart is underdeveloped

  1. You can’t delete products in the cart if you accidentally click the product button twice, or add a product you didn’t mean to add. Customers are going to be really annoyed with this and go to a competitor.

  2. You can’t see the itemized cart on mobile, so customers will be confused about what they’re buying, especially if they accidentally clicked the buy button twice or added products they didn’t intend to.

These are absolute necessities and I don’t understand why Keap insists on releasing stuff that’s obviously not ready. What would be great is if you guys could make the same complaints to support so that this gets dealt with soon!

FYI, find the feature here: Ecommerce Setup → Checkout Pages. Then, inside the checkout page, add a button and attach it to a checkout page that’s linked to a product. Then you can see how lacking/underdeveloped the cart is.

If you wish to suggest improvements or added features to any part of Infusionsoft, then the most productive place would be to go to

It’s not even an improvement or feature so much as a necessity to use the feature. This post is about getting the Infusionsoft community on board so that they are aware, because this feature seems to have been rolled out under the radar and I suspect not too many people know about it.

If the best way for everyone here to make these suggestions is then by all means, have at it folks.

Update for anyone who cares -

They’re in the middle of adding a bunch of requested checkout features, so we should see these issues resolved plus more features like taxes, address, refund policy, currency type, promo code, logo, etc.

Very exciting and hope they push this update soon!

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This is getting really ridiculous - they still haven’t release the update SMH!!

Has the checkout pages issue been resolved? How does a user remove an item if they don’t want it before checking out?

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Clearly it’s not happening, they’re not going to fix it or pay any further attention to it. We use to do the checkouts