Mobile Friendly Shopping Cart?

I am new to Infusionsoft and are using the E-commerce package for its shopping cart functionality. Many of my customers (actually donors, as we are a non-profit) are processing sales on their mobile devices. The shopping cart we are using from Infusionsoft is obviously a desktop, non-mobile friendly shopping cart. Are their mobile friendly options to consider for us? Is there a way to customize the shopping cart to act more mobile friendly?

Suggestions and recommendations greatly appreciated. Examples of mobile friendly infusionsoft clients sites would be wonderful! Thank you for your advice and assistance.

Is there an update on this? We are a nonprofit new to IS as well and we are having the same issue, forms look bad on mobile. Also, I’m not so much interested in spending ANOTHER thousands or so dollars a year using Spiffy.

Agree with you. Never received any comments, emails, or suggestions.