New Campaign Reporting is doing weird

my problem is new reporting overview in the campaigns.
When I look the number of people in the sequence I see 440 and when I want to see who are those people I see overview of only 26 people. I have everything selected, the dates are correct and I didn’t change anything comparing to old way of looking.
Infusionsoft does not have a problem but I do :slight_smile:
I was thinking since I am in Europe and using European date format maybe that could be the issue but I have my doubts on that since my sequence is showing 400 people in it.
I put some screenshots below

You can see there are only 30 people in the sequence

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Hi Zoran. Thankyou for sharing this information. We have identified an issue with this new reporting update, and have our development team is working to fix this.

There is an issue listed on our known issues page @


As you will see, there is an alternative solution to get the results that you are looking for, by going into the report criteria and removing the stop dates. If you head over to the known issues page, you can click the button to get your application attached to the issue, so that you can receive updates / resolution notification.

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