Need High-Level Understanding on How to Get Started with TMT Map Lite 2.0 API?


I am new to KEAP but not new to development. I need help getting started access the TMT Map Lite 2.0 API. From the KEAP world most developer create an app, get API keys, and then create their API. My situation is a bit different. TMT Map Lite 2.0 API is an API that I did not create as a developer so I don’t have APP API Keys. I do have a regular KEAP account which has my application; which as a lot of APIs already created. I want to connect to this API. Not sure if I need developer account or what.

Any help or suggestions is welcome!



Hi @Tonte_Pouncil,

What is TMT Map Lite 2.0? Is there any online documentation about it?

Are you planning to write a script to interact with it, or use the Campaign Builder?

Hi @Pav. I guess it’s referred to as Map Lite. It’s an KEAP application built using KEAP Pro. At this point I am just trying to interact with the RESTful APIs via postman. Do you think you can help me get started? Can we schedule zoom call? My email address is Thanks.

@Jeff_Arnold can help you here. I am only helping via the forum for now.

Hi @Jeff_Arnold I did some more searching around and I found a YouTube that explained that I need to create an admin page that gives my KEAP app access to the developer via some sort of handshake. I think that is the part I was missing and was a bit reluctant to try via the KEAP getting started docs. I was just trying to jump right into the OAuth part. I will try this tomorrow and report back.

I think I have a disconnect on the first step of the OAuth2 flow. The documentation says, "The first step in the OAuth flow is to redirect the user to Keap in order to authorize your application for access. " Does this mean I should redirect the user to Keap via a HREF HTML Link?

I tried redirecting the user to Keap via a HREF HTML Link:

I am presented with the Keap login page and then after I enter my credentials I get the following error:

Any help is much appreciated!


I have a Quick Time recording of me trying to authorize my app. I would like to send you via email.

Passcode: ^1xU?QaT